A Journal of the Plague Year 2021: The metaverse-crypto entrapment

Philosophers for Change

The New Yorker

…if every strategy today is that of mental terror and of deterrence tied to the suspension and the eternal simulation of catastrophe, then the only means of mitigating this scenario would be to make the catastrophe arrive, to produce or to reproduce a real catastrophe

Simulacra and Simulation, Baudrillard

by Sanjay Perera

The convenience of the dubious pandemic cannot be overstated. The Oligarchy must be pleased as pie with how they have aborted people’s spiritual practices especially on auspicious occasions by getting their stooges (read: most governments) to restrict gatherings and prayer. Just as the world moves closer towards an Orwellian scenario of control with greater social coercion; mask mandates; electronic tokens and mobile phones deployed ostensibly to monitor vaccination status but to track movement, violate privacy and enhance surveillance; increasing persecution of the unvaccinated; and inevitable scare mongering due to the rise of so-called…

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