A Journal Of The Plague Year 2021: Eduardo at the Café Bona Lista

Philosophers for Change

I’m me, and what the hell can I do about it!

…I, the solemn investigator of useless things…

—Fernando Pessoa

by Sanjay Perera

It is no surprise I still remember how I started talking to him. It was the time of the virus and a new strain supposedly developed called Virus 21 which could not be labelled officially ‘V-21’ because when it had reached what was then called V-20 (a few months after V-19), a juice company threatened legal action for their products were named V-10 onward: the complaint being their health food could be inadvertently associated with illness. Nothing dramatic happened because you never actually win in such cases against governments but since some prominent politicians had investments in the firm, they settled it out of court by ensuring governments stopped referring to the virus as ‘V-something or other’ but Virus-something and the other. You may wonder how there…

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